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: i don't think it was a coincidence that during the foreign policy debate, mitt romney kept bringing it back to the economy. most people turning in were not going to be paying that close attention to some of the foreign policy issues, and i don't think many \ voters go to the polls to vote based on what our decisions will be with china or cuba, for that matter. but they do vote with their pocketbooks. statewide unemployment in florida is 8.7%, but it is much higher in various pockets of florida. in some counties, as high as 12% unemployment. as we all know, that does not talk about the under-employed. the economy is still struggling in florida. we have signs of it getting better, but i heard a story that foreclosures in the state are the highest in the nation. there's a lot of economic pressure in the state. people are feeling the pain, and whoever sells the economic message best is going to do well in this state. i should add that the republican party in the state is very strong. >> they not only have the governor's office and three cabinet offices, but the state democratic party is
like they should. mitt romney and i are running because we believe americans are better off in a dynamic free enterprise based economy that fosters economic growth, opportunity come and upward mobility is of a government- directed stance that creates dependency. [applause] you know there's something wrong in our country when 40% of children born to parents in the lowest fifth of earners never know anything better. the question before us today demands a serious answer. how do we get the engines of opera mobility turned back on so that no one is left out of the promise of america? to answer that, we have to take a hard look at the approach the government has been taking for the last five decades and ask yourself if it's working. the approach has been to spend lots of money on anti-poverty programs. the money behind this approach is that a nation should measure compassion by the size of the government and how much it spends. the problem is, starting in the 1960's, this top-down approach created a debilitating culture of dependency wrecking communities. this was so obvious to ev
. the closest romney got was within a tie. democrats have a voter registration advantage in this state. host: going back to to thousand a, i want to talk about -- to 2008 statistics, from bloomberg news says nevada has the largest swing state demographic shift since 2008. talk about how that is impacting this election. guest: 26% of the state is latino. this voting block has been shown to hear a lot about the economy, a lot about education. immigration does not rank as the highest this year of interest to these voters. it is an underlying across the board thing. are you saying the right thing on these topics. it is 2/3 versus 1/3 that the voters are split on this. this is what candidates are fighting about. obama made a promise to address it in his first year in office and did not do that. he said he did not have time and did not have a cooperative congress. that has not stopped republicans who say, we can bring a comprehensive immigration reform, which is a term both parties defined differently. they are trying to make that a sales pitch. if you turn on spanish radio, you hear nonstop comme
the majority. we'll hold it i nthn the house, win the senate and mitt romney is president -- by the time he is up for reelection, unemployment will drop 1.5 points. >> what is an acceptable rate? >> 2%, which is a full employment economy. i would try to drive it down -- >> where would you put it nationally? >> we can get it around 4 %. >> one of the problems we have is gridlock in congress. congressman king has not done much in his 10 years. we need a farm bill to start with. that is the most important piece of legislation to people in this room -- >> is that going to effect unemployment? >> i think it will. the farm bill, peopel arle feel insecure and are not investing. it is hard for farmers to go to the bank. it is hard for young farmers to know what the rules are. so there is the insecurity. it is not just the farm bill. >> let me interrupt. we will get into a deeper discussion. oft is an acceptiblable rate unemployment? >> it is 2% on the west and 5% on the other end of the district. if we can get this down -- >> and what year are we talking? >> you can't know unless you can say that c
coverage of mitt romney and paul ryan in colorado. that will begin at 9:05 eastern. >> it is time for are lining around. >> would you like to be selected as the senate majority leader? >> what i like to be the senate majority leader? >> sure. >> have you fired a gun or a rifle within the last year? >> yes. >> no. >> have you read "fifty shades of grey?" [laughter] >> no. >> no. >> apollo the key house and senate races on c-span -- follow the key house and senate races on c-span. >> that debate is expected to start momentarily. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2012] [captions performed by national captioning institute] >> tonight's debate is the first of its kind. these individuals represent all types of political ideologies. i imagine our audience is just as diverse. we hope to have candidates for every level of government. [applause] ultimately, we the people are our government. if we don't pay attention, don't discuss, or don't discuss issues with friends and classmates, we get the same dysfunctional system, no matter who is in charge. but if we educate ourselv
. somethings were difficult. he made a statement before mitt romney was known for making the statement, 50% of the people do not pay taxes. as if they were freeloading or not being useful to society when, in it two or less six years, he was paying taxes -- having business property, mobile properties, having a home, and having a state payroll paid by the taxpayers. what makes that right? him not paying taxes when other people, seniors. >> the other thing i am proud of is i like to think in my time in massachusetts i have really grown to rate the difference of character. you guys are nothing like texas. i really have realized there is an amazing aspect to massachusetts, an incredible diversity. i really enjoy i have finally learned and become a resident. i am happy with what is happening right now. that is why i am running to represent you guys. >> each candidate will have time for a two-minute closing statement. >> i want to thank the sale of news and a jewish journalist panel as well as my opponents. we have seen this election comes down to a simple choice. on the one side, my opponent say
romney would fill that for us. we need to take a stand for what is right. we need to take a look at what they have done. the background parts of the world with a reach out and do things that are right. i just encourage all the voters in nevada to truly look at what their needs are and what promises have been given. host: will go to one of those voters in nevada on the democratic line. caller: how are you today? basically what i wanted to know is when the democrats took the presidential race, they inherited a tremendous mess. do you really think that the republicans could have cleaned up what was created by a republican party in four years? guest: thank you for your call. it was not just the republicans. we had a republican president. republicans and democrats created this mess and it is something that has to be cleaned up by both parties. the democratic president has not tried to clean it up. all he has tried to do is jam down obamacare in our throats. the over-regulation that we have. it is almost impossible for you to start a business in hawthorne or anyplace else to create jobs. what
the budget, and part of the cuts have to be in the department of defense. we cannot do as mitt romney and paul ryan suggest increase military funding by $2 trillion over the next decade. i support a strong defense. but we need to retrench rather than trying to be the policemen of the world. we have too many soldiers, too many troopers scattered around the world. our presence needs to be decreased around the world, not increased, and the united states should stop trying to be the overseer of the world. that will save us billions and billions of dollars. [applause] >> all right. governor johnson. >> we need to provide ourselves with a strong national defense. the operative word here is defense, not offense and not nation building. [applause] >> the biggest threat to our national security is the fact that we're bankrupt, that we're borrowing and printing money to the tune of 43 cents out of every dollar we spend. in promising to submit a balanced budget to congress in the year 2013, that would include a 43% reduction in military spending. how does that go down. a 43% reduction in militar
the former head of the fdic, sheila bair. and we will cover a speech by mitt romney in iowa focusing on the economy. that's also on c-span2 after 1:00 p.m. eastern it. >> we will have the presidential race events and key congressional events around the couny.
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9